Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

Dumplin by Julie Murphy

I’m not a big fan of contemporary novels but once in a while I feel like reading something light and funny. This little novel gave me exactly that. The story takes place in Texas and this was the first time I read a book set there so I found it not only interesting but most of all very genuine and truthful to what the state seems to look like, how people in general tend to be, their accent, traditions, etc, plus the author, Julie Murphy lives there so I think  she probably had a pretty good reference.The characters seemed so believable that sometimes I found myself immediately imagining or comparing them to real people in my life, I think it’s very probable that we all have a jerk or a wannabe jerk in our life, a very traditional and maternal person that wants to take care of everybody, a very girly girl, a good honest friend, etc so I really sympathize with Will (the main character) on this. In a broad sense this book made me reminisce a bit on my teenage years, it made me think about the insecurities that we all had and how naive we could be back then. My favorite character was Micht, he won my heart over even though he was a side character, I love the way he saw things and how honest he was with Will , how nicely he put into words the few experiences in his life that taught him something that he thought was valuable, he seemed to learn so much from such little things that it just made it impossible not to love him.

So if you are looking for some light, easy but cute and funny read I recommend it.

I gave this book a solid 3.5 stars out of 5



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