“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

milk and honey both

I certainly don’t read poetry very often, meaning almost at all. The only poets that I remember really loving are Mario Benedetti and Shakespeare. Their works, though completly different, are just as beautiful to me. So anyways, I picked up this book out of curiosity and it was actually pretty good, not amazing but good. I will describe it as a very “raw” and down to earth kind of poetry and I like that. My favorite thing about it is how well the drawings match and somehow complement the poems. As a graphic designer I can tell you these drawings aren’t extraordinary, they were in fact very naïve, but that was what made them so perfect as to express the very primitive and passionate feelings that the poems put so well together. This book is written as a story about a women going through different experiences in life, like being in love, breaking up, finding herself and understanding not only what a strong woman she is but how all of us women should be proud of being one. I love how the writer embraced her flaws and somehow made it seem like it was okay to feel broken, lonely, damaged because we are humans and that’s what we do, we feel and we think, no matter which comes first. I like how this last section of the book seems to be about simply understanding circunstances, why we feel how we feel but must of all, standing up and deciding what do about it.

If you are into contemporary poetry and feminism or just looking for something for a short and quick nice read I’d recommend this book. I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5.

If you would like to know more about this book, the writer and her art work I suggest you go to her website, which by the way it’s beautifully designed.




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